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Renée Yvonne Gardner

As Gardner Law's attorney, Renée Yvonne Gardner, I represent people with with auto accident wrongful death auto accident cases and serious personal injuries arising out of auto accidents, slip and falls and dog bites.

I also assist self-represented consumers with disputes of $12,500 or less. This affordable small claims assistance includes a consultation, a demand letter and preparation of one small claims court document. It's only for consumers with a dispute about a product or service that they bought.

For several years, I worked my way through night school while I worked in a law office during the day. Growing up in a family business also instilled an extraordinarily strong work ethic that serves my clients well. 

I graduated from Saint Mary's College of California  and Santa Clara University School of Law, and obtained my license to practice law in 2006. 

At Gardner Law, I am dedicated to seeking justice and serving my clients. Did you know that I have earned more than 105 five star ratings and reviews, which speak to my skills and results?  If you'd like to review me, please visit review me on Avvo or review me on Google. Several of my peers also acknowledge my skills and work ethic

If you have a legal case, kindly complete this form. If a consultation fee is required, kindly pay it. I also speak Spanish - hablo español.

Please visit our "Consultations" page to learn if a consultation fee is required. If it is, please pay it now, to receive a response to your contact. Thank you.

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  • She worked very hard for me.

    Attorney Renee Yvonne Gardner is smart, confident and a good attitude. She worked very hard on my case and got me a great deal. She takes her job very seriously. I'm extremely satisfied with her work. She likes to get in to details and like to make sure you understand what's going on. I'd reccome...
  • Tenacity and Compassion

    I feel both fortunate and blessed to have had the experience of Renee Yvonne Gardner representing me.I was deceitfully accused by a person who was intoxicated in the desire to injury my career, family and life.Ms. Gardner's honestly and candor help remove any doubt of seriousness of my situation....
  • Great Attorney

    Renee was very helpful with reviewing my case during a phone consultation. I would defensively recommend her.Great attorney +++ review
  • The attorney Yvonne

    The attorney Yvonne is a good person she helped us and guided us to take a good step in our case. review - originally left in Spanish
  • My Freedom Is Owed to Renee!!!!

    Let me start out by saying that if it wasn't for Renee and her uncanny ability of properly preparing me for what was in store for me regarding my criminal matter i would be incarcerated without question. Facing serious felony charges related to a grand jury gang related criminal indictment can be...
  • Consultation

    She reviewed the preliminary facts of my case and gave an honest assessment of whether it was worth it to move forward when most other attorneys would not give me more than 5 minutes of their time. I appreciated the honesty. review
  • I recommend attorney Gardner

    I feel fortunate that attorney gardner has taken my case she did a great job I could see her effort and her dedication my case was very difficult thanks to the hard work and dedication of attorney gardner I could win it I recommend attorney gardner she is very human and very professional and very...
  • Thank you Ms. Gardner

    After making many calls and talking with many people I have found Ms. Gardner who renewed a little hope in me that there are still people who actually care. I have been fighting a court battle on my own since I can not afford the cheapest attorney out there and when I was feeling like I was losin...
  • Professionalism and honest

    She was very helpful with my son's case. We felt she took the case very serious and it looked like it was very important to her review
  • Very Helpful and Knowledgeable!

    I called her and she was very friendly and helpful towards my case. Since I am not able to go to San Jose due to a lack of transportation she tried and successfully found lawyers near me that could help me I mean who does that? She is one of the few geniune lawyers out there. If you believe you h...
  • One of the most skillful and compassionate attorney I know

    Rene has helped me on two occasions over the past year. Not only was she able to get the best possible outcome for my legal troubles, but she did so in a way that demostrated to me that she truly cared for my wellbeing. Her work comes from her heart and thus, she will stop at nothing to effective...
  • I strongly recommend Ms. Gardner

    She did an amazing job I went to my first court with terrorist threats and other smaller charges and court wasn't really pleased at me cause from a strangers point of view it looks terrible and she still had hope and gave me faith that everything we'll be alright she had many options and plans an...
  • Excellent attorney

    She helped me like 5 times. She's very good the attorney renee yvonne gardner. review - originally left in Spanish

    Ms. Gardener was a pleasure to speak to. I have spoken with many attorneys and I found her to be forthright, highly knowledgeable and honest. She takes your case seriously and I found her legal advice to be the most factual and precise as far as my case was concerned. She enlightened me of the ra...
  • The best

    She is very helpful, gave me the right directions where to start and how solve my problem. I highly recommend to hire her as your legal attorney, I couldn't because I'm in southern Ca, and she is in northern Ca. Thank you review
  • Honest attorney

    Above and beyond satisfied, she was able to get me back to work. Thankful and blessed to have her. She saved my caregiver license. I would recommend her and I have. I would say that she is very hardworking and honest. review
  • She’s very expert and her work is trustworthy

    She is very kind very expert and above all she gives you the hope to resolve to fix the situation. Avvo review - originally left in Spanish
  • It’s worth paying her fees

    attorney Gardner is extremely responsible when she has a case. She does up to the impossible to win the case. review - originally left in Spanish
  • A responsible attorney - efficient

    A responsible attorney - efficient Yvonne Gardner is kind person who focuses on her work. Of the person and she does everything possible for her client I really am very satisfied with the way that she helped me - originally left in Spanish
  • She’s very attentive

    I would recommend her for her good work that she does and because she is very careful in her work the attorney Yvonne Gardner  Avvo review - originally left in Spanish
  • The attorney renee yvonne gardner

    She is the best lawyer I have known. She helped me a lot with my problems and I would recommend her to all my friends and family and I know I can count on her help ??? I'm really grateful to her. review - originally left in Spanish
  • Amazing professional

    Got the charges dropped and paid a small fine. Extremely happy and satisfied with the representation of Abogada Gardner. Kept us informed and put us at ease during her work for us. If we ever need her services will definitely hire her again. Thank You review
  • ... She's very organized and shows a lot of attention towards you ...

    Yvonne Gardner is a excellent lawyer she handled my case she is very good at what she does handled my case she's very organized and shows a lot off attention towards you and your case I highly recommend her and will b using her again with no hesitation thank you Yvonne review
  • ... Thank you very much for your honesty ...

    My consultation with Attorney Renee. Renee listened and assessed my situation and referred me to a specialist in the field. Thank you very much for your honesty clarity and illuminating a path with your referral. I honestly feel grateful and a step closer to a remedy. review
  • A professional person

    She's a professional person, capable and committed to her work. As a client I feel very satisfied because she is a person who knows how to listen. I thank her infinitely for taking and resolving my case. Also, thank you very much for your advice. Sincerely. Nelson Alfaro review - origin...
  • Professional, Responsible, Capable

    Don't feel alone there is always a way out, Yvonne Gardner is your best option to your bad decisions, she makes you feel that there is a way out and also solve your problems. I highly recommend Yvonne Gardner because she knows her job, she knows the laws, she is honest, capable, responsible and m...
  • Very knowledgeable and very professional

    Renee has a vast knowledge of legal experience and very informative. She helped me with numerous resources and explain the legal process, and things that may be involved. She is a true professional that is looking out for your best interest. review
  • She is excellent

    She's excellent. I recommend attorney Renee Yvonne Gardner. She represented me excellently in my case. She is very approachable and works very hard on her cases. My case was resolved quickly, and all was in my favor. review - originally left in Spanish
  • Her work is very good

    Her work is very good. She is very good. I paid very little to the court. She does her work very well. It's very good the work that she does. review - originally left in Spanish
  • Excellent attorney

    Excellent attorney. Excellent communicator regarding the laws my attorney Renee Yvonne Gardner. She is very organized, responsible and respectful. She explains the pros and cons of the cases. review - originally left in Spanish
  • ... love the results of her hard work ...

    Renee help my husband with multiple offenses he received. She work hard and dedicated a lot of her time making sure things were done right to get the outcome we wanted. Renee understood what difficulties we were going through and even let us make payments. We love the results of her hard work we ...
  • Very good attorney

    Excellent lawyer, very prepared for what she does, very focused on her profession, she got rid of any doubt I had, I was quite surprised not only in her working hours that she gave me information about my case but at any time during the day, she knows perfectly well her profession I recommend her...
  • Five Star

    I would like to thank attorney Renee Gardner for her excellent work and dedication in four cases I have had. For taking the time to help me so much. You took my case as if I was your family your experience helped me get back on track. I fully recommend you. Thank you, attorney you are very profes...
  • ... She'll be there every step of the way ...

    Please don't wait, I had no idea just how complicated my case was until I spoke to Renee. She spoke to me as a person and showed genuine care for me, something I have never felt with any other consultation prior to meeting her. She demonstrated everything that I needed to do and gave me a bunch o...
  • ... Excellent attorney ...

    One excellent attorney very very professional[.] Without a doubt I recommend her without a doubt[.] If one day I need her I will hire her again. review - originally left in Spanish
  • I 100% recommend Attorney Renee Yvonne Gardner

    The way my attorney Yvonne Gardner resolved the case made me feel very happy. She fought hard on my behalf for as long as it took; she was never in a hurry. I was very frustrated before I hired Attorney Gardner because of an arrest warrant. I now feel a sense of relief because she resolved everyt...

    I am very thankful that God put this wonderful lady in my path. I can say without question or doubt that Mrs. Gardner is committed to getting the best possible outcome for her clients. This was a very long and difficult case in which an attorney was sought out because one of us family members was...
  • 5 stars my attorney Renee Yvonne Gardner is honest and persistent.

    I strongly recommend lawyer Renee Yvonne Gardner because she is a very good honest lawyer who never gave up on my accident case. Thank God who put her in my path. She speaks Spanish which is important to me.–I held my grandsons hand crossing the street a man crashed into me hard my grandson screa...

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