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San Anselmo has a rich history.

From at least the 1500s, The Miwok Indigenous People made the land that is now the Town of San Anselmo their home.

They flourished off the San Anselmo Creek fish, the surrounding forests replete with bears, deer, and elk, and acorn-bearing oak trees.

The Coastal tribe of the The Miwok Native Americans lived in San Anselmo at least 3,500 years before Europeans and Mexicans settled the region.

After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, many San Franciscans fled to San Anselmo, which spurred San Anselmo growth.

By 1907, San Anselmo was incorporated. The Golden Gate Bridge completion in 1937 helped travels between San Anselmo and San Francisco.

Today, San Anselmo is still a charming small town with a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. Pacific Sun readers voted San Anselmo “Best Town Other Than Your Own” and the “Best Non-Mall Shopping Town in Marin County.”

San Anselmo is often recognized as the Northern California Antiques Capital.

When it comes to driving in the Town of San Anselmo, accidents happen and people get hurt.

Although San Anselmo does not have any freeways, Interstate 101 connects to Sir Francis Boulevard, an arterial street in San Anselmo.


The roads in the Town of San Anselmo are primarily a network of local streets.

Several San Anselmo streets in hillside areas are not accepted nor maintained by the Town of San Anselmo.

Sir Francis Drake Boulevard is an arterial route that bisects the Town and an important transportation route for San Anselmo and the surrounding communities.

Did you get hit on or at the intersection one of these San Anselmo roads?

  • Butterfield Road
  • Center Boulevard
  • Red Hill Avenue
  • Sir Francis Drake Boulevard

If so, you're not alone. These are some of San Anselmo's arterial roads.

Arterials are roads designed to carry high volumes of motorized traffic.

Or, did your crash happen on one of these San Anselmo streets which cross San Anselmo arterials?

  • Barber Avenue
  • Bolinas Avenue
  • Broadmoor Avenue
  • Forbes Avenue
  • Greenfield Avenue
  • Hilldale Drive
  • Ross Avenue
  • San Anselmo Avenue
  • San Francisco Boulevard
  • Saunders Avenue
  • Sequoia Drive

If so, this is not surprising. These are the collector streets of San Anselmo

Collector streets link neighborhoods to arterials and are not intended for through traffic.

Collectors are intended to move traffic in an efficient manner; their proximity to arterials can make collectors prone to accidents.

If you were injured on any of the above San Anselmo streets, or anywhere else in San Anselmo, it's a good idea to hire an experienced and knowledgeable San Anselmo auto accident personal injury attorney.

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