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Salinas Civil Court Hours And Parking

Salinas Civil Court Hours And Parking

Here's what you need to know about the Salinas civil court hours and parking.

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What are the hours of Salinas civil court?

The Salinas courthouse no longer hears civil cases.

Civil cases that used to be heard in the Salinas courthouse are now heard in the Monterey courthouse.

Monterey County Superior Court
1200 Aguajito Road
Monterey, CA 93940-4887

(831) 647-5800

Website: Monterey County Superior Court

As of February 28, 2021, the hours at the Monterey Civil Court in Monterey are: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Be sure to check for any changes by visiting the Monterey Superior Court in Monterey - COVID-19 Updates

What is the phone number of the Monterey civil court?

The phone number of the Monterey civil court is (831) 647-5800. Press 3 to reach the civil division.

Can I file paperwork at the Monterey civil court?

Yes, you can mail or hand-carry paperwork to file at the Monterey civil court.

People who don't have an attorney can also file their paperwork electronically with the court.

Here are companies that electronically file civil documents at the Monterey Civil Court.

Where to park at the Monterey civil court?

There's a lot of parking on the street near the Monterey civil court.

But be careful not to park in the parking spaces that are right in front of the entrance to the Courthouse and the row right across from the entrance to the underground parking lot - they're designated as 30 minute parking zones only. If you park in these 30 minute parking spaces, you will get a ticket.

Is there a wheelchair ramp at the entrance at the Monterey civil court?

Yes, an exterior ADA ramp is available.

Do I have to go through a metal detector at the Monterey civil court?

Yes. Here's the Monterey Superior Court Security Screening Process:

  1. When entering the building, remove any metal items from your pockets and your person. This includes metal belt buckles, watches, cell phones, coins, or any other item that will not clear the metal detection equipment.
  2. Place your personal property, including laptop, in a plastic bin or on the conveyor belt.
  3. If the building does not have an x-ray machine, open your bag for inspection. You may be asked to remove contents so the security officer can see. Please comply with all of the security officer's requests.
  4. If you have medical concerns, discuss them with the security screening officer.
  5. Proceed through the walk-through metal detector.
  6. If you trigger the detector's alarm, you will be asked to remove any objects you may have missed and walk through the metal detector again.
  7. The security officer may also use a hand wand to detect any metal on your person.
  8. No unauthorized objects will be allowed into the court building.
  9. Security officers and court personnel are not allowed to hold any prohibited item for you. If you bring any such item into the screening area, security personnel will require you to return the item to your car or throw it away via the security officer. All discarded property will be inventoried for destruction.

Where can I find my courtroom at the Monterey civil court?

The numbering system at the Monterey civil court is a little bit unusual. Here's the floors where you can find the courtrooms:

Department         Floor
13                        3
14                        2
15                        2
15A                      2
16                        1
16A                      1
17                        1


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