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The beauty of my small claims court assistance is that it's fully remote. This means that wherever you are located in California, I'm just a click away! All assistance is provided virtually - 100% by phone and email. Please prepay your consultation fee and complete the Contact form on this page, to consult with me. We'll talk about you (the demanding party - an individual), one opposing party (one person or business with whom you have an issue), and the nature of the issue involving an amount in dispute of $12,500 or less that you'd like to try and resolve.

If you have legal insurance, simply fill out the Contact form and I will respond to you: if I already expressed interest in your Small Claims Court Assistance legal case, to your legal insurance company, and your Small Claims Court Assistance case names only two parties: one demanding party (you) and one opposing party (one business or one individual). I only accept legal insurance referrals for Small Claims Court Assistance cases.

This assistance includes two parties only: one demanding party (you) and one responding party (the sole opposing party) are included. All other demanding parties and responding parties are excluded. Thank you!

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For one-on-one and personalized representation in serious personal injury or death cases, or streamlined and efficient small claims court assistance for your consumer issue, I'm here to serve you.