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5 stars my attorney Renee Yvonne Gardner is honest and persistent.

I strongly recommend lawyer Renee Yvonne Gardner because she is a very good honest lawyer who never gave up on my accident case. Thank God who put her in my path. She speaks Spanish which is important to me.–I held my grandsons hand crossing the street a man crashed into me hard my grandson screamed and cried the man broke my leg. I was in a lot of pain. The man lied to the police he said my grandson ran out into traffic.–Right away when I hired lawyer Gardner she had an investigator interview two witnesses who both saw the man hit me when I had the green light. Both said my grandson never ran out into traffic.–I hired lawyer Gardner because I trusted her from the start. I was right she is a very trustworthy lawyer. I've never seen persistence like hers never tired of fighting never gave up.–The man who hit me had little insurance my medical bills were high I was in pain. Lawyer Gardner filed a lawsuit to try and get me more money. Within a week after she filed my lawsuit the man who ran me over gave his house to his son for $0.–So Lawyer Gardner changed my lawsuit to demand money for this fraud. The mans son and daughter in law lived in Kentucky. But still lawyer Gardner fought to make these people pay me more money out of their pockets. And they did pay me every cent. It was a hard long fight but she did it.–Lawyer Gardner told me that when someone does something on purpose like when the man gave away his house for $0 most insurance does not cover it. Both lawyers on the other side pushed my lawyer tried to get me to lose my case to not get paid. But my lawyer never ever gave up. Then she got hospital bill down so I got more money in my pocket.–I tell my family and friends if they need a lawyer to fight and never give up, call my lawyer Renee Yvonne Gardner. May God always bless and protect her. review - originally left in Spanish and English

– Ponciano Jimenez Gutierrez

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