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My Freedom Is Owed to Renee!!!!

Let me start out by saying that if it wasn't for Renee and her uncanny ability of properly preparing me for what was in store for me regarding my criminal matter i would be incarcerated without question. Facing serious felony charges related to a grand jury gang related criminal indictment can be a daunting challenge to defend yet with her assistance I was able to get a deal that many others wish they had. She prepared me for the probation report meeting, she drafted the sentencing memorandum in such a way that definitely swayed the judge to see me for who i am rather than just a person in court facing heavy charges. There are numerous attorneys that can be hired to represent you however if you want an attorney that will be skillfully meticulous in properly representing you Renee is the way to go. Make the call and you wont be disappointed. review

– Anonymous

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