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Injury Claims Adjuster Secret Tactics

Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics

Why Insurance Companies Love Claimants Without Attorneys

Insurance companies just love dealing with claimants who don't have an attorney. But, why is this so? Because it's easier for them to take advantage of a serious personal injury claimant who is not protected by an attorney. So, insurance companies use ploys to persuade an injured person to handle their serious personal injury claim without an attorney, saying things like:

Tactic 1: “If you hire an attorney, she will 'take' part of your settlement. Why pay anything to a lawyer, when when the two of us can just work it out?"

Fact: A skilled personal injury attorney will earn their fee on a serious personal injury claim. They will work to maximize the claim value and fight for you. "Working things out" for the insurance means getting rid of you, and your claim as cheaply as possible, while protecting their bottom line.

Tactic 2: “If you hire an attorney, your claim won't be worth any more."

Fact: An Insurance Research Council study concluded that insurance companies pay out more money to represented people then to those who represent themselves. [1] 

Tactic 3: “You don't need to hire an attorney - I'm looking out for you.”

Fact: Simply put, the insurance adjuster gets paid by the insurance company. They are looking out for the insurance company. What you need is an attorney to look out for you and work to maximize your case.

Tactic 4: “If you hire an attorney, we won't be able to 'work together' on your claim.”

Fact: If you hire an attorney, the insurance will no longer be able to take advantage of your lack knowledge. You are unprotected and vulnerable. The adjuster is well trained on how to handle claims, and continues to receive ongoing training. You need an attorney with the education and skill to maximize your serious personal injury claim recovery.

Tactic 5: “If you hire an attorney, it will slow down your claim.”

Fact: The insurance wants to settle your case as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Best case scenario for them? Find a way to deny your claim. But, a "quick" resolution is not necessarily the best one. Insurance companies sometimes make a low offer early in the case, even in a serious personal injury case. The insurance company will try to wrap up the case and get rid of an injured claimant for little or no money.

Hiring an attorney as soon as possible means she will have to work on your case, but it may result in a higher settlement, especially in a serious personal injury case.

Can I Protect Myself From Personal Injury Insurance Claim Adjuster Tactics?

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