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What To Do After A Hit And Run Accident?

What Should I Do After A Hit And Run Accident?

Like many Californians, you may suddenly find yourself suddenly the victim of a hit and run accident. You may ask yourself:

What if someone hits your car and drives off?

People hit and run for many reasons, often when they don't have a license, or they're under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

My advice about what to do after someone hit and runs you is the same for the entire State of California, regardless of whether the accident occurred in one of the 12 counties where I work.

  • First things first - do not attempt chase the car that hit and ran, even if you are able to do so.

Instead, call 911 from the accident scene so they will take a police report.

911 will dispatch an ambulance to rush you to the hospital to get medical care, if you tell 911 that you're hurt.

  • If you or any witness can try to identify the fleeing driver's vehicle color and type, the police may find that useful.
  • In California, the fleeing driver committed at least a misdemeanor by leaving the scene. If you suffered injuries, they may have committed a felony.

What Injuries Are Caused By A Hit And Run Accident?

Should I Hire A Lawyer To Fight My Hit And Run Personal Injury Case?

I accept hit and run cases where the victim got injured, even if the injuries are not severe.

Talk to an attorney before you do anything besides: call 911 and seek medical care.

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