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Were you in an Alameda accident on Broadway, Lincoln Avenue, Otis Drive, or Park Street? Or did your Alameda accident happen at an intersection without traffic signs and signal lights? If so, you're not alone. Here's what you need to know about serious personal injury accidents that happen in Alameda, California.

A 2020 Alameda Crash Data Summary says that these four dangerous driver behaviors are most common among ALL crashes in the City of Alameda:

  • automobile right of way
  • unsafe speed
  • pedestrian right of way
  • improper turning

The same study said that the top two dangerous driver behaviors associated with SEVERE crashes in Alameda are:

  • failure to yield to pedestrians
  • unsafe speed

Do you know that 73% of Alameda crashes occurred along just 20% of its roadways? Here are some of the most dangerous intersections in the City of Alameda:

  • Central Avenue and Broadway
  • Central Avenue and Webster
  • Central Avenue and Versailles Avenue
  • Otis Drive and Grand
  • Otis Drive and Westline
  • Otis Drive and Willow
  • Santa Clara Avenue and Sherman Street
  • Sheffield Road and Robert Davey Jr. Drive
  • S. Main Street and Willie Stargel Avenue
  • Tilden Way and Blanding Ave

Are you surprised to learn that 60% of all crashes and 62% of severe crashes occurred on Alameda's arterialsArterial streets have higher motor vehicle volumes than local streets, and often have more travel lanes. Arterial streets in Alameda include:

  • Broadway
  • Lincoln Avenue
  • Otis Drive
  • Park Street

Arterials have a higher share of pedestrian and bicycle crashes in terms of frequency and severity on a per-mile basis. According to public input, these roadways also had a higher share of near misses (also called close calls) compared to local streets.

Did you know that the worst Alameda accidents happen at uncontrolled intersections? Uncontrolled intersections are some of the most dangerous ones in Alameda. Check out these numbers: Dangerous City of Alameda Uncontrolled Intersections:

Fatal and Serious Personal Injury Accidents:

  • 68% All Modes
  • 66% All Modes - Severe
  • 63% Pedestrian
  • 62% Pedestrian - Severe
  • 73% Bicycle
  • 87% Bicycle - Severe

If you got hurt in Alameda, I can help. Here are some of the Alameda crash types that I can handle:

If you were injured in Alameda, it's a good idea to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Alameda auto accident personal injury attorney. I am Renée Yvonne Gardner. I have fought for injured clients for 15 years. I have dedicated my career to fighting for people who get injured in Alameda and the nearby areas.

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If you got hurt in Alameda, keep in mind that it's important to hire a good attorney from the start. The insurance adjuster is not your friend - even your own insurance company will look for the cheapest way to get rid of your claim. After you get injured, it's important to seek medical care right away.

Some injuries can only be found by a doctor. Other injuries get worse if they don't get treated on time. If you suffered personal injuries in Alameda, here are the Alameda County emergency rooms where you can get checked out 24 hours a day.

Do Most Alameda Auto Accident Cases Go To Court?

Many injury accident cases get resolved without going to court. Other cases have to be fought through the court. In Alameda, injury accident cases get filed and handled in the Civil Division of the Alameda County Courts. In 1998, all Alameda County Trial Courts were unified to form the Alameda County Superior Court. This happened because the voters approved a constitutional amendment letting Alameda County judges merge their superior and municipal courts. Before then, superior court and municipal court were separate.

Currently, Alameda auto accident and injury cases are heard in courts located in Oakland. Accident and injury cases are called civil cases, unless they happen at work. If they happen at work, they're called workers compensation. The only workers compensation cases that I handle are those that result in the death of the worker. Those cases are called death benefits cases. If you are going to fight your Alameda accident case in court, your civil case will be heard at this courthouse:

René C. Davidson Courthouse
1225 Fallon Street
Oakland, CA 94612-4278
Phone: (510) 891-6000 

If you were injured in an Alameda accident, please contact me for a free consultation at (408) 214-5555 or here: message me here. Here are just some of the injuries I handle in Alameda and the surrounding areas:

Need the hours and parking at the Oakland Civil Court?

Here's what you need to know about the Oakland civil court hours and parking.


If you got hurt in Alameda and need a good attorney now, who will fight for you, please call me now at (408) 214-5555 or send me a message send me a message. Let's talk about your case - the consultation is free.

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