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Auto Accident Attorney

An unexpected legal case can turn your life upside down and steal your peace of mind. You need help now, but don't know where to turn. Reach out to me - I want to help you. I'll work with you one-on-one, from start to finish. See what my former clients and colleagues have to say, and read even more about me. I'm dedicated to trustworthy and tenacious legal representation, on major, life-impacting cases, as well as other cases common to our day to day lives (consumer protection - small claims assistance). You deserve an attorney who knows the law, will study your case, listen to you, and tenaciously work on your behalf. 

  • I'm Gardner Law's attorney Renée Yvonne Gardner- in English or in Spanish, I speak your language. 
  • My personal determination drives me to fight for my clients.
  • I recognize that everyone and their legal case are different.
  • I listen to my clients and work one-on-one with them.
  • No fee unless you win your injury or death case
  • Free help with your damaged car (injury and death cases)
  • Affordable help with consumer protection - small claims assistance cases
  • I've been an attorney for more than 17 years - - I love serving my clients. 

Auto Accident Attorney

Let me fight your accident case

What Types Of Injuries Does An Auto Accident Attorney Handle?

Here are a few examples of injuries that arise out of the above accidents that I can handle, but there are other personal injuries that also I accept

Call me at (408) 214-5555 to talk about the accident and your injuries. 

What Other Accidents Does An Auto Accident Attorney Handle?

In addition to auto accidents, I handle dog bites and slip and falls

Call me at (408) 214-5555 to talk about the accident and your injuries. 

Learn more about serious personal injury cases.

Wrongful Death Attorney

If your loved one was killed because someone else made a mistake (negligent or reckless), and caused a fatal traffic accident, let's talk about how I can help. I have the experiences and persistence and handle these cases. Learn more about wrongful death cases arising out of auto accidents.  

Consumer Protection Attorney

Small Claims Assistance - Anywhere in California

This affordable and accessible legal service is designed for self-represented people who want to try and resolve a legal issue involving an amount in dispute of $10,000 or less, without incurring costly attorney's fees.

If you paid a person or a company for a service or product, but didn't get what you paid for, I'm here to help you. I can write a demand letter, on your behalf, to try and get the other party to do what they promised and/or with what the law requires of them. This type of limited representation is called small claims court assistance.

Your demand letter written by me may possibly result in your case resolving without you ever having to go to court! If you're thinking of suing in California small claims court, where the limit is $10,000, a demand letter should be sent out before you can sue in small claims court. This will show the court you tried to resolve the issue before bringing it to court.

Just a few examples of my service demand letters include: issues with local or online businesses, warranties, problems with paid services, contractors who do shoddy or incomplete work, handyman who does poor work, refusal to refund for services or products not delivered, refusal to accept a store return, cease and desist letters, and many other common consumer protection issues that arise in our everyday lives. 

To consult with me about your small claims court matter, please visit my Consultations page "Other Consultations" category. These limited legal services are provided to clients virtually (100% remote - by phone and email) anywhere in California . Everything is remote, easy to access and streamlined.  

Criminal Record Clearance Attorney

Post-Conviction Relief: "Cleaning" And Reducing Criminal Records

If your criminal record stands between you and your goals, you may want to try and do something about it. Some people try on their own. It's too important to take that chance because things can go wrong. What will you do, in court, if a problem comes up when handling your case yourself? This is why it's best to hire an attorney in the cases. These services are only provided in Santa Clara County.

I handle post-conviction relief cases, felonies, and misdemeanors. I can work to reduce certain felonies to misdemeanors and reduce certain misdemeanors to infractions I also work to "clean" criminal records, get arrest records destroyed and sealed and vacate judgments. 

When it comes to immigration consequences of criminal records, I work hand-in-hand with immigration attorneys, to seek the best solution for each client. Learn more about post-conviction relief or call me at (408) 214-5555.

The first consultation is free for serious personal injury and wrongful death cases. 

The first consultation has a fee on all consumer protection and post-conviction relief cases.

Consultation payments are processed only through PayPal.

Soy La Abogada Gardner - Hablo Español Para Brindar Servicios Legales En Su Idioma.

Locations in Campbell and Oakland (By Appointment Only):

Making a false or fraudulent workers' compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.
Terms and conditions apply to free consultations and free help with damaged car.

I'll Fight For You

For personal injury auto accidents, wrongful death auto accidents, consumer protection and "cleaning" criminal records - call (408) 214-5555.

Dog Bites

Slip and Fall

Consumer Protection (Plaintiffs)

Demand Letters

Small Claims Assistance

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For one-on-one and personalized representation in serious personal injury auto accidents, wrongful death auto accidents, consumer protection or "cleaning" your criminal record, call (408) 214-5555 or fill out my contact form.