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Should I Handle My Accident Case On My Own?

Should I just wait, then if my case goes bad, hire an attorney?

Not unless you have a very minor case. If you have a serious case, you really do need an attorney as soon as possible. Waiting to hire an attorney will not help your case and can definitely hurt your case.

Are there any drawbacks to hiring a lawyer right away?

No. Personal injury lawyers are generally paid on a contingency, or “no fee if you don't win” basis. This means that the attorney's fees will be paid out of any compensation or settlement that you receive. Hiring the right attorney right away will allow them to do their best to start out on the right foot, versus trying to correct mistakes you may accidentally make if you represent yourself. I take a limited number of cases at any given time, allowing me to focus on what needs to be done in your case.

Attorneys are expensive; why can't I just wait and just see what happens with the insurance?

When you make a claim in an injury case, you are not directly going up against the person or business who hurt you. You are going up against a very large insurance company that handles claims just like yours each and every day. Insurance companies have many resources, including teams of attorneys, and medical experts, all of whom have the same goal - - getting rid of you for as little money as possible, ideally for no money at all.

I am an experienced personal injury attorney.

Why can hiring an attorney help level the playing field between me and the insurance company?

  • I know the tricks and strategies that insurance companies use against people who get hurt.
  • I handle the phone calls, emails, letters, and paperwork that insurance claims entail.
  • I can free you up to focus on recovering from your accident, both physically and emotionally.

A personal injury attorney's fee will not go down if you hire them after your failed attempt at being your own attorney. Let me handle your case as early as possible, from the beginning.

Does timing really matter in a personal injury claim?

Yes, timing matters a lot!

After you get hurt, unexpected things need to get taken care of, on top of enduring your injuries and the emotional distress they can cause.  This can take time and energy; it's best to let a good attorney as soon as possible after you get hurt. I will focus on the legal aspects of your claim, so you can focus on receiving medical care and getting better.

If you represent yourself, the insurance company will be working furiously to reduce or get rid of their liability. This is what they do every day. They have the resources to do this, and they are really good at it, especially when it comes to people who represent themselves, underestimating the power of insurance companies to help people damage and even destroy their own claims. 

Let me be your voice in standing up to the powerful insurance companies. The sooner I get involved in your case, the more effective I can be. Hiring me as your attorney means I am the first one to contact the insurance companies, and communicate for you. This is better than you talking to them yourself because they only have their interests in mind, and you may end up ruining your case if you handle it on your own.

I am Renée Yvonne Gardner, the attorney at Gardner Law. I speak Spanish - hablo español. Please reach out to me here: message me here.

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