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Consumers Rejoice! Small Claims Court Limits Are Raised

Posted by Renée Yvonne Gardner | Jan 08, 2024

As of January 1, 2024, an individual may sue for up to $12,500 in any California Small Claims Court.  This is because Senate Bill 71 passed in California. It updates California Code of Civil Procedure § 116.220.

The higher small claims court limit is wonderful news for consumers, because it increases the previous $10,000 limit by $2,500. Despite the cost of living's continual climb, the court has not kept up. This is actually the first increase to the small claims court limit in more than a decade.

This new limit allows consumers to bring much higher value claims to the small claims court. Note that the current $12,500 limit includes money damage claims brought by natural persons. Claims by businesses are subject to lower limits.

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