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In 1846, John C. Frémont mapped a trail through Mission Pass, providing American settlers access to the southeastern San Francisco Bay Area. Historians refer to Frémont as “The Great Pathfinder.” On March 8, 2021, for the fourth time in the last 5 years, Fremont was rated the number one Happiest City in the U.S. This prestigious rank was based on key "happiness" factors like mental well-being, physical health, strong social connections, job satisfaction, income, and employment. In 2021, Fremont’s population reached 247,708.

Fremont boasts 34 parks and playgrounds. Coyote Hills Regional Park is a large park in Fremont whose winter beauty is a wonder to behold. Dedicated to public use in 1967, Coyote Hills sprawls 1,266 acres of marshland and rolling grassland covered hills. This popular park is located along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, northwest of Fremont and Newark. Visitors enjoy bicycling, bird-watching, exploring nature, jogging, picnicking and walking. Enjoyed year round, spring, summer, and fall tend to be the most popular.  Another beautiful Fremont park is the Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area:

Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area, Fremont. June 2019. Credit: Gustavo Gandia Rivera


But, when it comes to driving it comes to driving in Fremont, accidents happen. Even though you're careful, and try to follow all the rules, when someone else is careless, you'll end up getting hurt. When it comes to getting hurt in a Fremont traffic crash, UC Berkeley's Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS for short) gives us the numbers we need to know. More than 1 out of every 2 Fremont crashes happens on the highway. Speed plays a big role - 38.10% of all Fremont crashes involved someone who was speeding!

Were you in a crash on or near 880? If so, you're not alone. 880 is a real hot spot when it comes to Fremont crashes. Check out these 2015-2020 intersections and number of crashes:

  • 880 and 84: 248 crashes
  • 880 and Stevenson: 176 crashes
  • 880 and Mowry: 173 crashes
  • 880 and Auto Mall Parkway: 227 crashes
  • 880 near the U-Haul 23 crashes
  • 880 near Fremont Boulevard: 50 crashes
  • 880 near Courtyard by Marriott Fremont Silicon Valley: 31 crashes

If you were injured anywhere in Fremont, it's a good idea to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Fremont auto accident personal injury attorney. I am Renée Yvonne Gardner and I fight accident and injury cases. I have been the voice of injured clients for 15 years. I have dedicated my career to fighting for people who get injured in Hayward and its nearby areas. Now, more from TIMS for the period from 2015 to 2020:


In Fremont, here are the type and number of crashes from 2015 to 2020:

  • Total Crashes • 5,507
  • Deaths • 63
  • Injured • 7,407


  • Highway Crashes • 3,022 • 54.9%
  • Pedestrians • 314 • 5.7%
  • Bicycles • 283 • 5.1%
  • Motorcycles • 486 • 8.8%

The takeaway: Most Fremont crashes happen on the highway, and most are rear-enders and speeding is frequently involved.

REAR-ENDERS TOP FREMONT CRASH TYPE. When it comes to traffic accidents in Fremont most accidents are rear-enders; a whopping 43.22% of crashes. The next most common Fremont crash is a "t-bone", or a broadside crash, when the front of one vehicle crashes into the side of another one.

Type of Fremont Crash
of Total 
Rear End 2380 43.22%
Broadside 999 18.14%
Hit Object 681 12.37%
Sideswipe 602 10.93%
Vehicle/Ped. 308 5.59%
Other 202 3.67%
Overturned 191 3.47%
Head-On 130 2.36%
- - Not Stated 14 0.25%
Type of Hayward Crash
of Total 
Rear End 1,805 46.62%
Broadside 631 16.30%
Sideswipe 445 11.49%
Hit Object 349 9.01%
Vehicle/Ped. 306 7.90%
Head-On 186 4.80%
Overturned 96 2.48%
Other 48 1.24%
Not Stated 6 0.15%


The top two dangerous driver behaviors in Fremont crashes are speeding (38.10%), and improper turning (12.74%), such as making an illegal U-turn.

Traffic Law Broken Right Before A Fremont Crash
of Total 
Unsafe Speed 2,093 38.10%
Improper Turning 700 12.74%
Automobile Right of Way 529 9.63%
Traffic Signals and Signs 447 8.14%
Unsafe Lane Change 391 7.12%
DUI or Bicycling Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drug      343 6.24%
Following Too Closely 260 4.73%
Wrong Side of Road 174 3.17%
Pedestrian Right of Way 149 2.71%
Unknown 91 1.66%
Pedestrian Violation 88 1.60%
Other Than Driver (or Pedestrian) 88 1.60%
Unsafe Starting or Backing 41 0.75%
Other Hazardous Violation 33 0.60%
Improper Passing 32 0.58%
Other Improper Driving 30 0.55%
Other Equipment 3 0.05%
Impeding Traffic 1 0.02%
Hazardous Parking 1 0.02%
If you got hurt in Fremont, I can help. Here are some of the Fremont crash types that I can handle:

If you were injured in Fremont, it's a good idea to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Alameda auto accident personal injury attorney.

I am Renée Yvonne Gardner. I have fought for injured clients for 15 years.

I have dedicated my career to fighting for people who get injured in Alameda and the nearby areas.

Fremont personal injury clients, please call me at (408) 214-5555 or here:

If you got hurt in Fremont, keep in mind that it's important to hire a good attorney from the start.

The insurance adjuster is not your friend - even your own insurance company will look for the cheapest way to get rid of your claim. After you get injured, it's important to seek medical care right away. Some injuries can only be found by a doctor. Other injuries get worse if they don't get treated on time.

If you suffered personal injuries in Fremont, here are the Alameda County emergency rooms where you can get checked out 24 hours a day. Please scroll down to find Fremont.

Do Most Fremont Auto Accident Cases Go To Court?

Many injury accident cases get resolved without going to court.

Other case have to be fought through the court.

In Fremont, injury accident cases get filed and handled in the Civil Division of the Alameda County Courts. In 1998, all Alameda County Trial Courts were unified to form the Alameda County Superior Court.

This happened because the voters approved a constitutional amendment letting Alameda County judges merge their superior and municipal courts. Before then, superior court and municipal court were separate.

Currently, Fremont auto accident and injury cases are heard in courts located in Oakland.

Accident and injury cases are called civil cases, unless they happen at work. If they happen at work, they're called workers compensation.

The only workers compensation cases that I handle are those that result in the death of the worker. Those cases are called death benefits cases.


Here is the contact information for the Fremont Police Department in case you need to reach them regarding the accident:

Fremont Police Department
2000 Stevenson Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538-2336
Non-Emergency (510) 790-6800

But, if your accident happened on a Fremont highway (like 880), here is the contact information for the CHP. They handle accidents that happen out on the highway:

CHP Hayward
2434 Whipple Road
Hayward, CA 94544-7808
Non-emergency: (510) 489-1500

There is also CHP in Fremont, but its focus is on maintaining the safety of commercial vehicles.

If you are going to fight your Fremont accident case in court, your civil case will be heard at this courthouse:

René C. Davidson Courthouse
1225 Fallon Street
Oakland, CA 94612-4278
Phone: (510) 891-6000 

If you were injured in a Fremont accident, please contact me for a free consultation at (408) 214-5555 or here: message me here.

Here are just some of the injuries I handle in Fremont and the surrounding areas:

Need the hours and parking at the Oakland Civil Court?

Here's what you need to know about the Oakland civil court hours and parking.


If you got hurt in Fremont and need a good attorney now, who will fight for you, please call me now at (408) 214-5555 or send me a message send me a message.

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My name is Renée Yvonne Gardner

I am a Fremont personal injury attorney. 

I am the founder, owner and attorney of Gardner Law, a Fremont personal auto accident and injury law office. 

I represent people with personal injury and wrongful death cases in Fremont. 

Source for Fremont accident data: Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS), Safe Transportation Research and Education CenterUniversity of California, Berkeley. 2021

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