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Renée Yvonne Gardner

My name is Renée Yvonne Gardner. I grew up in a small family business in San José. My family worked very hard, seven days a week. This drove and inspired me to attain a higher education. My upbringing instilled in me a uniquely strong and unwavering work ethic, an asset that serves my clients well.

Persistent and determined, for many years, I worked steadily to achieve each of my educational goals. I went to school at night while working full time during the the hours that I was not in school or studying.

I finished my undergraduate studies at Saint Mary's College of California. Next, I embarked on what I had to do to reach my goal - becoming an attorney. I attended Santa Clara University School of Law, at night, while still working full time at a law office during the day.

Throughout my undergraduate education and law school studies, I worked full time for attorney Paul A. Noboa at his San Jose law practice, as a paralegal on serious personal injury, wrongful death, criminal defense and post-conviction relief cases. Most of Mr. Noboa's clientele was Spanish speaking only. 

I earned my law degree from Santa Clara University School of Law, with a Certificate in Public Interest and Social Justice Law. I pursued this certificate because public interest and social justice attorneys want to do more than just get ahead in their legal careers - they really want to make the world a better place. Just like I do. My passion for the law, and how it can make a difference, is why I chose this particular certificate to accompany my law degree.

Since 2006, I have been a member in good standing with the State Bar of California. Once I became an attorney, I continued to work for the same lawyer, on serious personal injury, wrongful death, criminal defense and post-conviction relief cases, with mostly Spanish speaking clientele.

In 2019, opened my own law office, Gardner Law, to keep seeking justice for my clients. 

I can be reached by calling (408) 214-5555 or please message me

In the legal profession for more than 20 years, I serve my clients in English and in Spanish during some of the most vulnerable and challenging times in their lives.

My persistence and determination are apparent when  I fight for my clients - and here's what my colleagues say about me.

My clients are a range of people from our community.

  • Some face the physical and emotional pain of a personal injury case.
  • Others bear the unexpected and indescribably crushing heartbreak from the loss of a loved one who was killed as the result of wrongful death accident.
  • Some carry the looming burden of a pending criminal case.
  • Others feel the sting of their criminal record preventing them from reaching their goals in life.

Did you know that some attorneys give their assistants almost full control over a client's file? Especially some personal injury attorneys. Rest assured that I am not one of those attorneys.

When you hire me, I will not pass your file to someone else. I will not hand off your file to an assistant, give them free reign over your file, and then cross my fingers hoping they will keep me up to date about what they're doing on your case.

I know what is going on with each case of each client. I do almost all the legal work on files. I work one on one with my clients because I believe working that way serves my clients better than other options.

I have been approached by the press on some of my cases. I have never made a comment to the press. I am not concerned with prestige and glory. I keep my focus on my clients. I want each of my clients to regain the peace of mind that has been lost because of their pending legal case.

I am not ashamed to say that I love being an attorney. I am proud to be a part of the legal profession. When I am not serving my clients, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and enjoying nature.

Here are the places where I help people: practice areas and locations

If you need help on your legal case, call me today at (408) 214-5555 or here: message me. Please include an email address.


Soy la Abogada Renée Yvonne Gardner. He dedicado mi vida profesional al servicio de mis clientes. Abrí mi su propia oficina, (en inglés "Gardner Law"), con el propósito de brindar representación legal en casos de accidentes graves, muerte por negligencia, defensa de delitos y intenta hacer algo sobre su récord de delitos, que la gente dice en palabras simples "limpiar" su récord de delitos.

Yo trabajaba por el Abogado Pablo Noboa durante muchos años, en su oficina que se llamaba Law Offices of Paul Noboa, ubicada en San José, California, como la servidora de la comunidad. Que en paz descanse el Abogado Pablo A. Noboa.

Durante un plazo de muchos años, trabajaba mientras estudiaba. Gracias a Dios, supere y logre a cada una de mis metas educativas.

Voy a poner la misma determinación y persistencia en su caso que hice para llevar a cabo mis metas en la escuela. Trabajaré para intentar buscar la mejor solución para Ud.  He trabajado en la profesión legal por más de 20 años.

Soy bilingue en español y muy sensible a las necesidades peculiares de la comunidad Hispana. Me encanta brindar servicios legales en ambas idiomas y siento muy agusto en hacerlo. Yo misma hablo español - Ud., como cliente, no va a ocupar ningun interprete en medio. Póngase en contacto conmigo hoy al (408) 214-5555 o aquí: Formulario de Contacto. Por favor incluye un email si tiene.


I am committed to providing personalized legal representation in serious personal Injury, wrongful death, death benefits, criminal defense, and post-conviction relief cases. Please call (408) 214-5555 today or fill out our contact form.