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Hollister Civil Court Hours and Parking

Hollister Civil Court Hours And Parking

Here's what you need to know about the Hollister civil court hours and parking.

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What are the Hollister civil court hours?

As of March 1, 2021, the business hours at the Hollister civil court are: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM.

Before going to court, make sure to check out the latest San Benito County Superior court Covid-19 orders

Can I file paperwork at the Hollister civil court?

The Hollister civil court clerk's office is open to the public. 

If you need to file paperwork, or give a letter to the court, you can also do so by mail or by putting them in the drop box located inside the lobby.

If want the court to give you anything, like filed copies of your paperwork, you must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope with the proper postage on the envelope and write down just what you want when you drop box or mail your documents.

Here's the mailing and drop-box address of the Hollister civil court:

San Benito County Superior Court
450 Fourth St.
Hollister, CA 95023-3895

Phone:  (831) 636-4057 press option 3

Website: San Benito County Superior Court

Anything deposited in the drop box is left at your own risk. The court assumes no responsibility for statutory deadlines.


Where is the entrance to the Stockton civil court?

The entrance to the courthouse is on the Fourth Street side of the building.

Which Hollister civil court department hears civil cases?

Courtroom 1 Honorable J. Omar Rodriguez, Presiding Judge.

Do I have to appear in person at the Hollister civil court or will the court let me appear by phone?

As of September 2, 2020, all appearances must be in person unless authorized by the Hollister Civil Court.

Do I have to go through a metal detector at the Hollister civil court?

Per the San Benito County Superior Court website:

All persons wishing to enter the Courthouse must go through the security screening process. The security screening includes passing through a metal detector and all bags going through an x-ray machine. 

Whenever you enter or re-enter the courthouse there will be signs directing you to the screening equipment. Remove watches, phones, pagers, items in your pockets, purses, coffee cups or any other loose items you may be carrying, bags, large coats, and hats. Place items in the bins that will be available. Do not remove rings or small necklaces. If you set off the screener after walking through, security may hand wand the area in the zones indicated by the alarm.

Items prohibited by Statute are:
Any item or article having the potential to inflict or cause physical harm shall be inspected to determine whether it has been filed, sharpened, honed, or in any other manner altered to the extent that it meets the definition of prohibited weapons as defined in Penal Code Sections 12020 and 171b. Prohibited weapons include but are not limited to firearms, Stun guns or tasers, switch blade knives/gravity knives having a blade longer than two inches, tear gas, explosives. 

Other prohibited items are:
  • Large tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and hammers, in excess of 6 inches in length. Screwdrivers are not to exceed 2 inches in length.
  • Ice picks
  • Darts
  • Letter openers
  • Pieces of heavy-duty wire/heavy gauge chains with an overall length in excess of 24 inches
  • Laser pointers – except those used by attorneys in courtroom presentations
  • Skateboards/skates
  • Needles/syringes possessed by non-diabetic persons without a prescription
  • Handcuff keys – except those possessed by sworn peace officers
  • "Come-along" sticks/key chain size.
  • Flammable liquids

You may not leave any prohibited items with Security. They will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Where to park at the Hollister civil court?

There is a free parking lot right next to the court. There is also free parking on Fourth Street and the surrounding streets.


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