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Small Claims Court Assistance


Did you pay for a service or product, but your expectations were not met? I can write one demand letter, on your behalf, to one opposing party, to try and resolve your case. This is only available for consumers (individuals) - its unavailable to businesses.

This limited scope assistance is called "small claims court assistance." It does not include my court representation - lawyers are not allowed in California small claims court.

Small claims court assistance includes applies to one person, per claim. It includes two documents prepared by me: one demand letter, and one initial small claims court document.

This assistance is unavailable to: businesses, defendants (you got sued). Accidents, collection matters, landlord/tenant disputes, family law matters and employment matters are excluded.

If your legal issue is person and the amount in controversy is $12,500 or less, to consult with me about it, please visit my Consultations page, "Other Consultations" category. These limited legal services are available to you fully virtually (100% remote - by phone and email) anywhere in California. It's easy to access, and streamlined to be efficient.

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For one-on-one and personalized representation in serious personal injury or death cases, or streamlined and efficient small claims court assistance for your consumer issue, I'm here to serve you.