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Winton Fatal Accident Attorney

Nothing compares to losing a loved one after a Winton accident when someone else is to blame. Enduring the pain caused by the death of a loved one is hard enough. Making a case against the wrongdoer without the right attorney fighting for you can be too much to bear. I am here to help you no matter what kind of accident caused your loved one's death. I will hold the wrongdoer accountable which can help alleviate some of your pain. Making them pay for what they did to the full extent of the law can help take away some of the financial pressure that is suddenly upon you. It can also play an important role in your healing process as you work through this horrific loss.  

Winton Wrongful Death Lawyer

I am Winton wrongful death attorney Renée Yvonne Gardner. I want to be your voice to seek justice in your Winton wrongful death case. Please call me at (408) 214-5555 or message me if your loved one was killed in Winton, or anywhere in Merced County.


Here is the contact information for the Merced County Sheriff's Office in case you need to reach them regarding the accident:

Merced County Sheriff's Office
700 W 22nd Street
Merced, CA 95340-3638
(209) 385-7434

Here is where to get copies of the death certificate when your loved one passed away in Winton or anywhere else in Merced County:

Merced Department of Public Health - Death Certificates
260 E. 15th. Street
Merced, CA 95341-6216
(209) 381-1200

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