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In 1846, at the age of 19, pioneer Benjamin Campbell came out west with his dad and other family members. The Campbell headed out west with one of the largest wagon westward migrations (more than 2,000+ wagons). The Donner Party was part of the same wagon train.

In 1851, Campbell bought 150 acres of land, and planted wheat and hay fields. In 1869, he sold off 5 acres of his land to Southern Pacific Railroad. He then subdivided the rest of his ranch into small plots of land for sale. He and his wife Mary founded Campbell. 

Once largely agricultural, Campbell’s slogan is “The Orchard City”

Campbell is in the heart of Silicon Valley, in the West Valley area of Santa Clara County. Saratoga and Monte Sereno are to the west/south west, Los Gatos is to the south and San Jose to the north, east and south. Campbell is 6.35 square miles.

Campbell was founded in 1887, and incorporated in 1952.The 2021 population of Campbell is 43,250. 

Campbell has a “small town” feel despite its Silicon Valley location. The site of the original water pumping plant in Downtown Campbell still has the Campbell Water Tower, a visible remnant of Campbell's “small town” history. Campbell's Downtown is full of beautiful houses and charming shops and restaurants. The sprawling Pruneyard Shopping Center is also located in Campbell.


Did you get into a Campbell accident at or near Hamilton Avenue? If so, you're not alone.

When it comes to accident-prone intersections in Campbell - many involve Hamilton Avenue!

Hamilton Avenue Crashes - 2015 to 2020

West Hamilton Avenue Crashes

Cross-Street - Number of Crashes

  • Darryl Avenue • 6
  • San Tomas Expressway • 24
  • North Central • 7
  • Harrison • 2
  • Near the Hash House and Safeway • 7
  • In Front of the PetSmart • 3
  • San Tomas Expressway • 29
  • Llewellyn Avenue Near the Post Office • 3
  • Winchester Boulevard • 21

West Hamilton Avenue and San Tomas Expressway is the Campbell accident hotspot.

East Hamilton Avenue Crashes

Cross-Street - Number of Crashes

  • North Third Street • 2
  • In front of Home Depot and Staples • 13
  • Highway 17 intersection • 17
  • Creekside Way • 9
  • Bascom Avenue • 13

After you cross East Hamilton Avenue and Bascom, things calm down, until you reach Leigh Avenue, where there were 5 crashes between 2015 and 2020.

When it comes to getting hurt in a Campbell traffic crash, UC Berkeley's Transportation Injury Mapping System tells the story of how people suffer Campbell injuries. Most Campbell crashes happen on city streets.

Speed plays a big role - 27.99% of all crashes involved someone who was speeding!

If you got hurt in Campbell I can help. Here are some of the Campbell crash types that I can handle:

Now, more from the Transportation Injury Mapping System. I pulled the numbers for years 2015 to 2020.

The takeaway:

  • Most Campbell crashes happen on the the city streets
  • Only 1 of every 3 Campbell crash happens on the highway
  • 1 out of 3 Campbell crashes are rear-enders
  • 1 out of 3 Campbell crashes involve someone who was speeding.


Number and type of crashes:

  • Total Crashes • 648
  • Deaths • 15
  • Injured • 821
  • Highway Crashes • 202 • 32.1%
  • Pedestrians • 62 • 9.6%
  • Bicycles • 74 • 11.4%
  • Motorcycles • 45 • 6.9%

Crash types and frequency:

Type of Campbell Crash
of Total 
Rear End 192 29.63%
Broadside 149 22.99%
Hit Object 94 14.51%
Sideswipe 65 10.03%
Vehicle/Ped. 60 9.26%
Head-On 30 4.63%
Overturned 24 3.70%
Other 18 2.78%
Not Stated 16 2.47%

Crash causes and frequency:

Here is more information about the causes of 2015-2020 Campbell crashes, from the most to least frequent - and unsafe speed made it to the top of the list, followed by improper turns (for example, making an illegal U-turn).

Traffic Law Broken Before A Campbell Crash
of Total
Unsafe Speed 178 27.99%
Improper Turning 93 14.62%
DUI or Bicycle Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drug    88 13.84%
Automobile Right of Way 59 9.28%
Traffic Signals and Signs 52 8.18%
Unsafe Lane Change 35 5.50%
Pedestrian Right of Way 28 4.40%
Wrong Side of Road 27 4.25%
Unknown 17 2.67%
Pedestrian Violation 17 2.67%
Other Than Driver (or Pedestrian) 12 1.89%
Unsafe Starting or Backing 10 1.57%
Other Hazardous Violation 6 0.94%
Other Improper Driving 5 0.79%
Improper Passing 3 0.47%
Lights 3 0.47%
Following Too Closely 2 0.31%
Other Equipment 1 0.16%


If you were injured anywhere in Campbell, it's a good idea to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Campbell auto accident personal injury attorney. I am Renée Yvonne Gardner and I fight accident and injury cases. I have been the voice of injured clients for 15 years. I have dedicated my career to fighting for people who get injured in Campbell and its nearby areas.

Campbell personal injury clients, please call me at (408) 214-5555 or here:

If you got hurt in Campbell, keep in mind that it's important to hire a good attorney from the start. The insurance adjuster is not your friend - even your own insurance company will look for the cheapest way to get rid of your claim. After you get injured, it's important to seek medical care right away. Some injuries can only be found by a doctor. Other injuries get worse if they don't get treated on time.

If you suffered personal injuries in Campbell, here are the Santa Clara County emergency rooms where you can get checked out 24 hours a day.

Many injury accident cases get resolved without going to court.

Other cases have to be fought through the court.

In Campbell, injury accident cases get filed and handled in the Civil Division of the Santa Clara County Courts. In 1998, all Santa Clara County Trial Courts were unified to form the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

This happened because the voters approved a constitutional amendment letting Santa Clara County judges merge their superior and municipal courts. Before then, superior court and municipal court were separate.

Currently, Campbell auto accident and injury cases are heard in courts located in San Jose. Accident and injury cases are called civil cases, unless they happen at work. If they happen at work, they're called workers compensation.

If you are going to fight your Campbell injury case in court, your civil case will be heard at one of these courthouses:

your civil case will be heard at one of these courthouses:

Downtown Superior Court
191 North First Street
San José, CA 95113-1006

Phone: (408) 882-2100

Old Courthouse
161 North First Street
San José, CA 95113-1001

Phone: (408) 882-2100

San Jose civil courts DTS and the Old Courthouse hear accident and personal injury cases that happened in:

  • Campbell
  • Cupertino
  • Gilroy
  • Los Gatos
  • Los Altos
  • Los Altos Hills
  • Milpitas
  • Monte Sereno
  • Morgan Hill
  • Mountain View
  • Palo Alto
  • San Jose
  • Santa Clara
  • Saratoga
  • Sunnyvale

Here is the contact information for the Campbell Police Department, in case you need to reach them regarding the accident:

Campbell Police Department
City Hall - Lower Level
70 N. First St.
Campbell, CA 95008-1458
Main Business Line: (408) 866-2121

If you were injured in a Campbell accident, please contact me for a free consultation at (408) 214-5555 or here: message me here.

Here are just some of the injuries I handle in Campbell and the surrounding areas:

Need the hours and parking at the San Jose Civil Court?

Here's what you need to know about the San Jose civil court hours and parking.


If you got hurt in Campbell View and need a good attorney now, who will fight for you, please call me now at (408) 214-5555 or send me a message send me a message.

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I am a personal injury attorney, founder, owner and attorney of Gardner Law, a Campbell personal auto accident and injury law office. 

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Source for Campbell accident data: Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS), Safe Transportation Research and Education CenterUniversity of California, Berkeley. 2021

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