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Peer Recommendations

I endorse this lawyer

I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Gardner is an excellent lawyer who always goes the extra mile to assist her clients and leaves no stone unturned. Her ability to speak Spanish fluently is a definite plus; effective communication is vital when handling tough cases.

Diego Macwilliam, Criminal Defense Attorney

Renee is one of the hardest working lawyers I know

I endorse this lawyer. Renee is one of the hardest working lawyers I know who gets results for her clients. She is respected by the courts, opposing lawyers and her colleagues. Her client's are in the best of hands.

Erik Johnson, Criminal Defense Attorney, Santa Clara County Superior Court Commissioner as of August 24, 2020

Quickly and accurately identifies legal issues

Renee Yvonne Gardner quickly and accurately identifies legal issues and maps out options for potential clients and clients. Without reservation, I endorse her for criminal defense and personal injury matters.

Edward Rutyna, Workers Compensation Attorney

Renée Yvonne Gardner is competent, ethical, intelligent lawyer

Renée Yvonne Gardner is competent, ethical, intelligent lawyer. She has remarkable endurance. If you're her client, that quality will probably serve you better than any other. I know many competent, intelligent lawyers, but, I've never met another lawyer in my 20 years of practice who works as hard to get every last advantage, every last dollar, every little inch of benefit for a client that Ms. Gardner does.

Sean Olender, Immigration Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.

I endorse this lawyer.

Raymond Areshenko, Personal Injury Attorney

Her work ethic is legendary

I endorse this lawyer. I have seen Ms. Gardner work hard for her clients. I have known her since my first year of law school. Her work ethic is legendary.

Carlyle Varlack, Criminal Defense Attorney

Exceptional advocate

Ms. Gardner is an exceptional advocate. When I started with Avvo, I read every single one of her answers. 321 to date. She has a unique blend of intelligence and compassion, along with experience and a wonderful talent of conciseness with accuracy. That is incredibly rare and impressive. I've been in this field for more than a decade, and she makes me want to be a better lawyer. I wholeheartedly endorse this attorney. And I am humbled by her generosity of time and experience.

Joseph Klatt, Litigation Attorney

Very smart and highly ethical

I reached out to Ms. Gardner for help with a hypothetical legal issue based on her Avvo bio and practice areas. Although she was very busy that day, Ms. Gardner returned my call within a couple of hours and took the time necessary to locate case law that might assist me with the legal issue that I was researching. As an attorney, I can say that she is very smart and highly ethical. I highly endorse her.

Duane Kaizer, Personal Injury Attorney

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