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How Much Does An Auto Accident Lawyer Charge?

How Much Do Lawyers Charge For Accident Claims?

After having an accident, some people hesitate to seek help because they don't know the answer to this question:

How much do attorneys charge for accident cases?

I am attorney Renée Yvonne Gardner, the founder and owner of Gardner Law. I founded my law office to provide help to people who have legal problems, and need a trustworthy attorney to fight for them. I am the attorney at Gardner Law and I fight personal injury cases.

The information on this page also applies to people who got hurt in ALL of the 12 Counties Where I Work, including Santa Clara County.

When you hire me on your personal injury case, or your death benefits case, I do not charge you anything up front. I charge you nothing until your personal injury case settles. On accidents involving injuries, I charge what are called "contingency fees". The same thing goes for death benefits cases.

Simply put, if I win your personal injury case, or death benefits case, I charge a fee which is a percentage of your settlement. If I do not win your case, you do not owe me an attorney's fee. For a free consultation about injury or death case, call me, attorney Renée Yvonne Gardner, at (408) 214-5555 or message me here: message for Renée Yvonne Gardner.

I speak Spanish - hablo español. I have experience with personal injury, wrongful death accident and death benefits casesIf you had an accident or got bitten by a dog, reach out to me here: message me here.

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