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Tiger Woods Never Braked Nor Slowed Before Bone Shattering Solo SUV Crash

Posted by Renée Yvonne Gardner | Mar 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

Almost immediately after Tiger Woods' SUV inexplicably careened straight where the roadway curved, the Los Angeles County Sheriff made several questionable investigation decisions that may not have been made if Woods was not a celebrity.

Lucky for Tiger Woods, all of these decisions helped him to escape potential consequences of any alleged driving while under the influence of drugs.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva swiftly announced the day after the crash, that deputies "did not see any evidence of impairment” and it was an “accident”. But not all drugs readily show evidence of impairment, and at Drug Recognition Expert does not appear to have been utilized to further investigate Woods' physical state.

It is important to note that this crash happened just a month or so after Woods' latest back surgery - his fifth. After back surgery, medications can be prescribed as a matter of course.

It appears as if law enforcement instantaneously bestowed upon Tiger Woods the valuable benefit of the doubt as to whether he was impaired in any form or fashion.

This rapid conclusion foreclosed any possibility of chemical analysis which may have possibly revealed a myriad of medications in Woods' blood stream. If drugs were found, that would have led to criminal charges of California Vehicle Code section 23152(f), of driving under the influence of drugs, prescription or not.

This law enforcement decision impacting world-renowned golfing celebrity Tiger Woods was graciously extended, despite Woods being captured on video allegedly veering off the road while speeding, crashing into a tree and rolling over several times, while offering no explanation whatsoever as to what caused the crash which shattered his leg and ankle bones.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff could simply have asked Woods for a blood draw, or they could have tried to obtained a warrant to order that his blood be drawn. Sheriffs would have also called an expert in drug analysis (DRE) to perform a timely and careful examination of Woods for signs of obvious drug impairment.

While Woods may have simply been asleep or inattentive immediately prior to the crash, now we will never know if drugs (prescription or not) or alcohol were a factor because now all of that evidence is lost forever.

The Sheriff's department swift decision to label the celebrity's crash as nothing more than an “accident”, and not request, let alone pursue, a blood draw, has resulted in an apparent get out of jail free ticket for Woods, if he was allegedly driving under the influence of drugs on the date of his latest accident.

It is also surprising that the investigating Los Angeles Sherriff did not call in one of their “Drug Recognition Experts” (DREs) right then and there, when any evidence of driving under the influence of drugs would have been possibly detectable. The Los Angeles County Sheriff has Drug Recognition Experts on staff, but apparently chose not to use them in this case. 

DREs are specially trained law enforcement officers who are charged with the task of determining possible drug impairment in motorists.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Drug Recognition Experts go through 12 specific and detailed steps which include a detailed and close examination of a motorist's behavior, checking their eyes for movements, and looking for other specific clues of drug impairment.

On March 20, 2021, the media reported that sources say the Los Angeles County Sheriff now believe that not only did Woods allegedly never even hit the brakes before the crash, he also allegedly never took his foot off the accelerator. In other words, if what these sources say is accurate, Woods did absolutely nothing to prevent himself from allegedly careening off the road, crashing into a tree, and rolling over several times.

When questioned by the New York Post on Saturday, March 20, 2021, the Los Angeles County Sheriff did not elaborate on the media report, flatly stating: “We are not releasing any further information at this time.” 


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